Education Support

Luannan Banpu Special Education School

Luannan Banpu Special Education School (formerly Luannan County Special Education School) is a full-time boarding school. The school takes care of more than 100 students with hearing impairments, speech impairments, intellectual disabilities and other physical disabilities. In July 2008, Tangshan Banpu Heat and Power Co. Ltd. (Luannan Plant) reached an Agreement to provide Luannan Special Education School, with the annual donation amounting to RMB 50,000 to improve the educational facilities. In appreciation of BIC's support, the school later renamed itself as Luannan Banpu Special Education School. For 14 consecutive years, Luannan Plant has provided financial support to the school amounting to around RMB 900,000 in value. With the support from local government and social sectors, the school has been the only one in Hebei Province to provide free-of-charge education services since 2012.

Care for Children of Migrant Workers

In 2011, BIC Beijing Office cooperated with 'Compassion for Migrant Children' (CMC) which mainly works to improve the lives of children of migrant workers through educational programs. The Company encouraged staff to work as voluntary English teachers for the 'Life Vocational Skills Program' which aims at preparing 15-24 year-old migrant youths for their work life in the future. Fifteen colleagues from Beijing office joined this half day English teaching activity in which two teaching volunteers participated every week during the five months of this program. Furthermore, BIC donated around RMB 30,000 to CMC for the purchase of new computers.

In 2012, Beijing Office provided a support to Tongxin Experimental School located in the suburb of Beijing. The school serves 660 students from migrant worker families from kindergarten to elementary level. BIC donated RMB 22,000 for renovating the playground and replacing the old rubber mats which had been used for over six years to improve safety for the children during exercise. Twenty-two Beijing staff joined hands with the students in replacing the matting and renovating the playground. They also donated stationery, necessary items, and sport equipment to the children at the event.

Support for Left-Behind Children

In May 2014, BIC and Henan Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment sponsored RMB 30,000 and RMB 10,000 respectively to pay for an integrated copier and printer, two laptops, and other teaching facilities for Qianfeng Elementary School in Pengxin Town, Xinyang City, Henan Province. In October 2015, BIC and the Association made further donation of RMB 30,000 and RMB 19,800 respectively to build a basketball ground of 540m2 to improve the sports facilities of the school.

Currently, the school has 170 students, with 'left-behind' children accounting for more than half the number. Nowadays, one of every five children in China is left unattended as one or both of their parents are leaving home to work and fulfill their duties to improve the families' standard of living.

Support for Rural Culture Construction Program

At the end of 2018, BIC joined "Dandelion Library", a project under "Rural Culture Construction Program", aiming at equipping libraries or reading rooms for the schools and students in the poor areas. The Company donated to Ligang Primary School in Luoshan County, Henan Province over 2,000 volumes of books, bookshelves, reading tables and chairs and air-conditioners with a total value of approx. RMB 60,000 in January and June 2019, which helped the school build a reading room for the financially disadvantaged students and greatly improved the reading conditions of the children.

Scholarship for Mining Students

In August 2012, BIC granted scholarships worth a total of RMB 180,000 to 90 students majoring in underground mining from four institutions in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, namely, Taiyuan University of Technology, University of Shanxi Datong, Shanxi Coal Vocational and Technical College and Yangquan Vocational and Technical College. In addition to offering RMB 2,000 scholarship to each student to support their learning expense, the Company also donated RMB 20,000 as charity activity funds to Shanxi Coal Mining Vocational and Technical Education Foundation located in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province.

Support for Schools Surrounding Gaohe Mine

In September 2012, Gaohe mine contributed RMB 100,000 to Gaohe Elementary School for purchasing 20 sets of personal computers and installing a new electrical gate to enhance the school's teaching and safety conditions.

In September 2013, Gaohe mine granted RMB 200,000 to Gaocun Village kindergarten located near the mine. The donation included office equipment, musical instruments, sports and teaching facilities, such as computers and pianos.

In June 2014, Gaohe mine supported two additional local elementary schools, contributing RMB 100,000 to Songcun Village School and RMB 50,000 to Gaocun Village School respectively. The donation was used to purchase computers, printers, and other teaching and sports equipment for 270 students.

Support for Schools Surrounding HZTM

Hebi Mine has helped several local schools to improve teaching facilities and the learning environment with accumulated financial support of RMB 375,325 during the period from 2010 to 2014.

Support for Primary School nearby Zouping Power Plant

On May 28, 2019, Zouping Power Plant donated 360 sets of desks and chairs equivalent to RMB 50,000 to Zouping the 2nd Experimental Primary School to improve the learning conditions of the students.

Scholarship for the Students in Need

Before the new semester in September 2020, Banpu China offered scholarship for 122 students nearby Gaohe Mine and Hebi Mine with a total amount of RMB 350,000, most of the students are newly admitted by colleges but with financial difficulties, the grants addressed their urgent needs and enable them to continue study in colleges.