As an energy company that invests in China and provides energy for local socio-economic development, we focus on improving the value of our products and services without harming the environment and ensuring that our production and operation activities meet environmental requirements.

We not only recognize that our business operations could have impact on the environment, but also believe in positive thinking and attitude towards environmental benefits for all.

BIC achieves good environmental protection through continuous innovation and constantly improves the environmental management of business units by making timely adjustments to policies and practices. All of our CHP plants have achieved ultra-low emission and clean production through upgrading and renovation, and the equipment are maintained in safe, stable and efficient running through regular overhauls.

We are committed to conducting all our business activities in an environmentally responsible manner, in pursuing this, we ensure:

We fully comply with all relevant current environmental legislations, regulations and company standards as well as monitor developments and prepare ourselves for potential changes.                                

We provide sufficient resources to develop and maintain the environmental management system with the aim of continually improving our environmental performances.

In order to deal with climate change, we strive to incorporate more low-carbon new energy into the company's product portfolio, so as to realize the Company's "greener and smarter" strategy.

We ensure that substances or activities posting a threat to environment are prevented from adverse effect to the environment and perform environmental impact assessment for all operational activities.

We conserve resources and use them efficiently.