Our People

HR Philosophy

BIC provides equal opportunity to everyone, regardless of race, nationality, language, or gender. We believe in vision, strategic goals, and the strong solidarity of bonding under the "Banpu Heart" which comprises three core values namely Passionate, Innovative, and Committed.

In addition, BIC has developed a sense of obligation; to prepare our staff in adopting flexibility, adaptability, mobility, and positive creativity; and to embrace true professionalism among our people due to the fact that alignment with "Banpu Heart" and "Dedicated Professionalism" are prime objectives of every member of BIC staff.

Three principles of human resource management and development are shown as follows;


It is the emphasis on managing people equally in comparison to others doing a similar or a same level of role and responsibility both internally and externally.  

Performance-based Organization

It is the participation of all staff in the performance management system, which entails the setting of agreed business goals and of monitoring and evaluating assigned tasks, and linked to the compensation and the annual bonus payments.

Competency-based Organization

It is our belief that every individual's capability can be developed and enhanced. Moreover, it is Banpu's policy to support and provide an opportunity for everyone to maximize their professional growth through self-development, coaching, training, on-the-job training, and job rotation. This system is also applied to all levels of the employees.

To comply with corporate policy in human resource management, the Job Evaluation Committee, the Organization Development Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee have been established and instituted to ensure transparency and to prepare the human resources of Banpu for a challenging future.