Sports Sponsorship

Banpu Table Tennis Club

In 2003, “Chengfeng Cogen Table Tennis Club” – co-founded by Shijiazhuang Chengfeng Cogen. Co., Ltd. (Zhengding Plant) and the Zhengding National Table Tennis Training Center (ZNTTTC) – one of the highly reputable table tennis training centers for national athletes as well as coaches from across the globe – was established. Since then, Zhengding Plant donated RMB 150,000 per annum to sponsor training and competitions of the athletes of the Club. The Club was later renamed as “Banpu Table Tennis Club” (BTTC) in 2007 and currently has 11 coaches and 72 female players aged between 8 and 17.

BIC's support for BTTC does not only help improve training and competition performance of table tennis athletes, but also creates a link between Banpu's headquarters in Thailand and its Chinese subsidiary. This allows Chinese coaches to train BTTC athletes in Thailand and Thai players to be trained at the ZNTTTC.

Since its inception, BTTC grew quickly in size and their players have brought home many awards. With the promotion and development of community sports, the club plays an active role in cementing friendly relations between BIC and the community, and also contributes to the well-being of society in Zhengding.

Sports Facilities Support to Community Surrounding Gaohe Mine

In August 2015, Gaohe Mine donated RMB 145,800 for purchasing badminton facilities, home gym equipment and running machine for local residents in Haojiazhuang village with a view to promoting sports activities and improving the physical fitness of local people.

Sports Facilities Support to Community Surrounding HZTM

On August 11, 2015, BIC presented a RMB 100,000 sponsorship for building a basketball and table tennis fields at Heyuan residential area at the Heshan High School, Heshan District, Henan Province to contribute to a healthier and livable environment for local people.