Support for Disaster Relief

Support for Disaster Relief

2020: At the beginning of the year, COVID-19 suddenly broke out in China and spread quickly across the country, thousands of people died of the disease and the lives of people are threatened. BIC made quick response by providing financial or material supports to the communities and the stakeholders to overcome the crisis.

On Feb 09, 2020, BIC donated 50,000 pairs of sanitary gloves and 10,000 pieces of surgical masks to the Royal Thai Embassy in Beijing, which were distributed to Thai people who stayed in Wuhan and other cities of Hubei Province as well as other territorial responsibility of the embassy. The support greatly eased the shortage of surgical mask and satisfy their needs for daily protection during Coronavirus outbreak in China.To help the communities to overcome the crisis, the three CHP power plants provided fund supports to the charity foundations or local government with a total value of RMB 900,000 and greatly helped the local society in combating the epidemic.

2013: Employees and executives from BIC offices, power plants and coal mines sponsored RMB 37,760 to show the empathy and care to the people suffering from Ya'An earthquake.

2011: Employees and executives from BIC offices and power plants donated RMB 15,147 as an emergency relief to Banpu's two business partners in Japan, who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

2011: BIC together with employees from all offices, power plants and coal mines, donated RMB 100,000 to the Thai Red Cross Society to help alleviate the suffering of Thai citizens besieged by the flooding crisis.

2010: BIC employees aided RMB 10,800 to earthquake victims in Haidi.

2008: BIC together with employees from Beijing and the three power plants, donated RMB 128,490 for Wenchuan earthquake.