• Health and Safety

    At BIC, we recognize that our business operations may impact on the health and safety of our employees and contractors; and the Company is committed to provide a safe workplace for all, including visitors to our sites.

  • Environment

    Espect for nature is the core for taking environmental responsibility. Understand the impact to environment of company business and operation precisely, hold positive attitude toward environmental management; take reasonable practice to improve environmental quality, and enhance environmental performance management toward beyond compliance.

  • Community

    Build shared value between company and community to support business continuity. Increasing the life qualify and well-being of community residents by sustainable philosophy is the priority.

  • Compliance

    Pay attention on and follow up the updated laws, rules and regulations continuously, interpret and predict the impact for future precisely, and ensure the operation and development of company successfully.

  • Recognition

    Being committed to sustainable development, BIC and its subsidiary companies have won numerous awards and honors in term of corporate governance, environmental protection and safety etc.