Sustainability Overview

To be an energetic Asian energy provider of quality products and services, BIC has run the business with good corporate governance principles and management approach to balance sustainable growth of economic, society and environment. Therefore, the national and international guidelines such as Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were integrated into corporate sustainable development strategies. Furthermore, UN Guiding Principle on Business & Human Rights and Universal Declaration of Human Rights were also embedded into our Human Resources Policy and Human Rights Policy.

For BIC, sustainability means long-term existence, and is the combined result of our business performance, our people and our corporate culture. It is our ambition not just to exist in the long run but to bring sustainable growth and development to society, to the environment and to our stakeholders. We aim to become the dynamic regional energy provider. Proactivity, flexibility, excellence in quality as well as internationally accepted frameworks, are fundamental to our sustainable growth.

In its pursuit of sustainable development, BIC emphasizes development policy which enables both the company and its key stakeholders to prosper together.

The management of Occupational Health, Safety, Environment, and Community Development (HSEC) strives to ensure that all sustainability concerns, namely economy, environment and social, are addressed in current business operations and new project development. HSEC management does not only provide assurance that all license-to-operate procedures are in place, but also it creates an opportunities for meaningful and practical contribution to the lives of business stakeholders (such as employees, customers, and suppliers/contractors) as well as to society as a whole.