Virtual Tour

  • Underground mine consists of complex network of roads and longwall panels.

  • Shearer cuts the coal as it advances along the coal panel's face. The coal drops onto a conveyor belt called a pan line.
    As the coal is cut, the machine moves forward and leaves the goaf collapsing behind the shields.

  • The coal is moved along the pan line to the stage loader which is a chain conveyor that transports coal to a main belt conveyor.

  • The coal is transported along the main belt conveyor to the production hoist that transports the coal to the ROM(Run of Mine) stock pile or coal silo within the surface facilities area.

  • ROM(Run of Mine) stock pile or coal silo is a one of the surface level facilities which store the unprocessed coal before it is sent to the preparation plant.

  • ROM coal will then be loaded into conveyor system and directed to the Coal Handing and Production Plant(CHHP) where the coal is processed.

  • At the clean coal silos,the coal is discharged into the truck and ready for transport.

  • The clean coal is transported to the railroad loadout facility where the coal is dicharged directly to the freight train.