About us

Company Profile

BIC is a Chinese subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, an integrated energy solutions company based in Thailand. Under the key strategy of "Greener & Smarter", the company is accelerating its business growth in China throughout the entire energy supply chain including coal mining, power generation, renewable energy and coal trading.

Key Milestones


August 27

The Company began to build a production base in China by acquiring a 19% stake in Asian American Coal Inc. (AACI).


May 16

Banpu China Pte. Ltd., Banpu's wholly-owned subsidiary company, signed a joint venture with Hebi Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. (HCEC) to set up a company named Hebi Zhong Tai Mining Co., Ltd. to invest and operate coal mining business in China.


February 28

Banpu Power Limited, a subsidiary of the Company, acquired 100% of Peak Pacific Investment Company Limited (PPIC), which was later renamed as Banpu Power Investment Co., Ltd. (BPIC), resulting in Banpu having control of three Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants in Hebei and Shandong provinces, with the total power capacity of 248 MW and steam capacity of 798 tonnes per hour.

October 19

BP Overseas Development Co., Ltd. (a 100% owned subsidiary of Banpu) acquired 20.9% of the total issued shares of Asian American Gas Inc. (AAGI), which has investments in projects focusing on exploration and production of coal-bed methane in China.


February 4

Banpu divested its total stakes in AAGI to China CBM Investment Holdings Limited.

June 6

The Company signed a Share Purchase Agreement via its wholly owned subsidiary - BP Overseas Development Company Limited, to acquire an additional 78.40% shareholding in AACI, resulting in Banpu holding a 100% stake in AACI.


March 11

AACI SAADEC (BVI) Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of Banpu, divested 100% of its shares in SAADEC (HK), which holds a 56% equity interest in Shanxi Asian American-Daning Energy Co., Ltd. (Daning mine in Shanxi).


June 28

Gaohe mine in China commenced commercial operations.


January 15

Shanxi Lu Guang Power Co., Ltd. was approved by Ministry of Commerce, Shanxi Province, People's Republic of China.


April 14

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary - Banpu Power Public Company Limited (‘BPP’), Banpu acquired 100% of the share capital in four solar power projects in Shandong Province, with an aggregate capacity of 78.5 MW.


February 19

Banpu (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. was established, dealing with coal import, trade, blending, re-export and market development.

February 27

The Deyuan Solar Power Plant in Zhejiang Province, with a capacity of 50 MW, successfully commenced its commercial operations.

March 30

Banpu Power signed an investment agreement on the acquisition of 100% investment rights to develop the Xingyu solar project with approximate capacity of 10 MW in Shandong Province.

July 11

The Xingyu Solar Power Plant in Shandong Province, with a capacity of 10 MW, successfully commenced its commercial operation.


November 1

The second phase expansion of Luannan Power Plant achieved commercial operation with a total capacity of 25 MW.


July 16

BPPRIC acquired Jiangsu Jixin Electric Power Co. Ltd., an operating fish pond solar PV farm with a capacity of 23 MW located in Jiangsu Province.

July 20

The third phase expansion of Luannan Power Plant achieved commercial operation with a total capacity of 25 MW.

August 28

Banpu (Beijing) Energy Trading Ltd. was established, focusing on domestic coal trading business.