Community Development

BIC has the same business credo as its parent company Banpu. We strongly believe that "an industry will be strong only when it is developed in tandem with social and environmental responsibility". Community development is not only an important part of corporate responsibility but also a key component of the company's business strategy.

Improving life quality and well-being of the community people in a sustainable way is our top priority for community development. Adhering to the philosophy of "Teaching one to fish is better than giving him fish", we aim to design and develop projects based on data and evidences and encourage innovation from employees and community people.

At present, based on the needs of the community, the community development projects carried out by our solar farms mainly focus on community support and economic development projects, including elder support, infrastructure renovation, disaster relief, skills training and creating jobs opportunities etc., which are designed primarily to build and maintain good relationship with community and improve life quality of community residents.

We are well aware that good community relations are the foundation of community development. Communication and learning are the channels to improve community development works and, therefore, we integrate community relationship into our daily works, not only to strengthen communication with community residents, but more importantly to build symbiotic relationships that are tied by trust.

Community Development Programs

Elderly Supports

Haoyuan Solar Farm has been providing various financial supports to the left-behind elderly in Maziyu Village since 2017, aiming at improving their living quality and promoting the sustainable development for local community. This campaign has been organized for three consecutive years as a good example of our company's support to local residents and our efforts to establish good relationship with communities.

Infrastructure Renovation

- Street light: In 2017, Haoyuan Solar Farm donated 20 street lamps to the neighbor village – Maziyu Village, to facilitate the daily life of local residents.
- House maintenance: Being long out of repair, the houses of local villagers may be at risk during natural disasters. In order to better protect the surrounding residents, Haoyuan Solar Farm took the initiative to repair the houses for the villagers in 2018.
- Road hardening: In 2019, Huien Solar Farm donated RMB 30,000 to Longwangmiao Village for renovating the village road. After one month construction, the project was completed and provided great convenience for the villagers.
- Cultural square infrastructure: In 2020, Haoyuan solar farm donated RMB 7,000 to Maziyu village for cultural development, making outstanding contribution to improving the wellbeing of local residents, enriching their cultural life and promoting rural revitalization.

Provided Free Skill Trainings

Most of the company’s solar farms are located in remote mountain areas. Affected by inconvenient traffic and poor education levels, the economic development in surrounding communities is generally underdeveloped. As a good corporate citizen, the Company focuses on promoting the sustainability of the community and improving local people’s quality of life. All our seven solar farms have provided free skill trainings to local villagers who are willing and able to work, and offered job opportunities to local residents, such as weeding, cleaning solar panels, fastening bolts and so on. In the future, we plan to expand the community support projects to more solar farms and benefit more community residents.

Donation for COVID-19 Prevention

In February 2020, Haoyuan Solar Farm donated RMB 5,000 to neighboring community- Maziyu Village for purchasing epidemic prevention and control materials.